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Let's Light Up and Relax In Life.

Create the ultimate living space that satisfies your heart with the
master series, born from the highest craftsmanship .

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Spacious solo, duo, compact family of three.

A trio walking with you a 2 room tent for 2 - 3 people that you can spend comfortably in all seasons.

For those who enjoy comfortable camping all year round
4 season Coleman pinnacle model


The four seasons in Japan are severe.
Equipped with special functions that can handle every seasons from strong winds in spring, rainy seasons and autumn rains, to temperatures below freezing harsh winters to midsummer with temperatures exceeding 30°C.
It is well received for its comfortable camping and sense of security for families.

Line Up

4S Wide 2 Room Cocoon Ⅲ

Design that maximizes strength and space

Capacity: 5 to 6 people

4S Wide 2 Room Curve

Inherits the same technology as Cocoon III

Capacity: 4 to 5 people

4S Wide 2 Room Trio

Recommended size for spacious solo and duo camping

Capacity: 2 to 3 people


Full skirting for winter camping

Skirts with peg loops are used all around, including the bedroom side.

Mud splashes and insects are prevented from entering the skirt, but if you fix the peg correctly, it will prevent cold air from entering the room without escaping the warm air.

Reliable against strong spring winds

Extra-thick aluminum alloy pole

The main pole is made of a very thick, strong and flexible "aluminum alloy" material. Protect your tent from strong winds and have a peace of mind with your family.

Combining width and outstanding strength

Proprietary frame structure

It has a ceiling height that allows tall person to move around smoothly, a spacious living room, and wind resistance.

Wind resistance test video

Adjust your bedroom for comfort

Inner tent material

Adopts a highly breathable cotton blend material that absorbs moisture inside the tent and expel it outside. It keeps you cool in the hot and humid summer and prevents condensation in the winter.

In the hot, sunny summer

Ventilation to promote air circulation

Taking advantage of the fact that warm air tends to rise, fresh air from the outside is taken in through the lower mesh and warm air inside is discharged through the upper mesh. *Trio does not have a skylight.

Light shielding PU (polyurethane) coating

By applying light-shielding polyurethane resin to the back of the light-colored fabric, it blocks light and effectively creates shadows inside the tent.

Tent fabric resistant to rainy season and autumn rain

The flysheet has a water pressure resistance of 3,000 mm, and is made out of thick and durable 210D polyester oxford fabric. A strong 10,000mm material is used for the inner tent floor.


Open living room with skylight

(Clear wall)

The large windows allow natural light to enter the tent and encourage ventilation, creating an open and comfortable space.

Three levels of adjustment.

Top: Fully open for light and ventilation

Middle: Half open for light blocking and ventilation

Bottom: Fully closed to block light (cold weather, etc.)

*Trio does not have a skylight.

Flysheet and canopy pole set (standard equipment)

Items that are often thought to be sold separately are standard equipment.

The flysheet is rain resistant, cool, and reduces condensation.

Sidewalls that protect privacy and have many arranged patterns

Create a wider space by extending the canopy. The sidewalls attached to the canopy prevent the rain from blowing in and can be used as a blindfold.


Master Series - Comparison Video - Cocoon III vs Curve

4S Wide
2 Room Cocoon Ⅲ
4S Wide
2 Room Curve
4S Wide
2 Room Trio
Water Pressure
 Flysheet/approximately 3,000mm、
 Floor/approximately 10,000mm、
 Roof/approximately 3,000mm
Flysheet/approximately 3,000mm、
Floor/approximately 10,000mm、
Roof/approximately 3,000mm
Floor/approximately 10,000mm、
Roof/approximately 3,000mm、
Ground Sheet/approximately 10,000mm
For 5 - 6 People
For 4 - 5 People
For 2 - 3 People
Body Size

Approximately 670×400×220(h)cm


Approximately 580×350×200(h)cm



Inner Size

Approximately 360×240×195(h)cm


Approximately 300×225×185(h)cm


Approximately 210 x 240 x 160(h)cm

Stored Size

Approximately Φ40×85cm


Approximately Φ34×83cm


Approximately φ29×70cm

Approximately 34kg
Approximately 24kg
Approximately 15kg


A. Compared to the tough series, there are more steps to set up, but like other tents, you can get used to it in 2-3 times. We also have a setup video on YOUTUBE. -

A. It is exhibited and sold at the Coleman Premium Outlet at

1) Genting Highlands Premium Outlet

2) Mitsui Outlet Park - Coleman Concept Store

3) Johor Premium Outlets 

*Please check with the store in advance regarding exhibits and hands-on products.

We are also selling at our online shop.

A. A feeling of size is greatly different. It depends on the customer's opinion, but the popular curve is a standard size that can be used by a family of 3 to 4 people.

Cocoon is recommended for those who have a big family (4 to 5 people) and who value spaciousness and comfort. You will feel the overwhelming sense of comfortable space. Since it is spacious, there is more space to put your luggage. 

A. A peg hammer that can be used at the minimum is included, but we recommend to purchase a steel hammer, steel pegs, a inner sheet and ground sheet inside the tent. 


Spend time with friends and family, and make your relaxing space more comfortable.